Rotary encoders / incremental encoders for Frech® diecasting machines:

Photo (29k)

  • Incremental-encoders for Frech diecasting machines in stock.
  • New, advanced types with stronger bearings for longer life.
  • Models Wachendorff WDG 58D / 60 or WDG 58D / 3600 or Hengstler (we need the exact type for ordering)
  • Types for F-machines and for Spraymat available.
  • Prices: Please ask us for our low prices.

Hydraulik-pumps brand Moog (Bosch) for Frech® diecasting machines:

Moog RKP

  • Radial piston pumps (RKP), complete, for mineral oil or fire resisting hydraulic fluid.
  • In our stock:
  • For DAW 20, HCF fire resisting fluid:
    old type 0 514 600 051 - new: D953...
  • For DAW 50, DAW80, HCF fire resisting fluid:
    old type 0 514 800 021 - new: D953...
  • For DAW 125, DAW200, HCF fire resisting fluid:
    old type 0 514 700 409 - new: D954Z2067 (from Frech: D954Z8013/G)
  • New tpes are delivered with an exchange-parts set (if you need this)
  • Models for mineral oil fluid: This types are different - ask us for our short delivering times.
  • Price: Please ask us for our low prices.

Hydraulik-pumps »Vickers« for diecasting machines Idra deliverable - please ask us.
Service and spare parts for diecasting machines.

Servo valves (proportional valves) brand Moog for Frech® diecasting machines:

servo proportional valve

  • Repair service for proportional and servo hydraulic valves of the brands »Bühler« »Frech« »Moog« »Parker« »Rexroth«.
  • Some types immediately available from our warehouse in exchange, especially for the proportional valves on Frech die casting machines.
  • We offer a fast, serious and reliable repair service.
  • There is a test protocol for every repair.
  • Unit prices: Please ask for our prices and delivery times.
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