Quality temperature control technology in industrial quality »Made in Germany« with 2 years warranty

Temperature controllers - temperature switches / limit switches - tact relays - electronic relays SSR solid state relays - thermocouples / temperature sensors - compensation lines - weekly timers / time switches

R-1120 Regler

NEW: Digital 2-point and 3-point temperature-regulator R-1120

The temperature regulator with absolutely easy adjustment. Reliable, long lasting, exact: Digital-electronic.
  • The regulator R 1120 was developed as a replacement type for »S+B Schuntermann & Benninghoven« or »Elstein« or »Dr. Krieger« -regulator QDR-2.
  • Adjustment of the process temperature by rotary knob - easiest way every seen!
  • Adjustment of the parameters by easy structured operating interface and turning knob.
  • Same size as QDR-2: 96x96mm DIN.
  • Modern digital electronic, based on the type R 1100.
  • LED-displays for process-temperature and and set-temperatures, function indication with yellow LEDs.
  • Connection with plug for simpliest exchanging.
  • Regulator types: Relay-output or output for SSR-relay available.
  • Pt100, NiCr-Ni (type K), Fe-CuNi (type L or J), °C or °F
  • Technical details R-1120


Analog electronic 2-point or 3-point temperature regulator QDR-2

Attention: The series » QDR-2 « is out of production - please ask us or look at R-1120
repairs are possible - please ask us.
  • Simmilar connection way as with the well-known »S+B Schuntermann & Benninghoven« -regulators or »Drews« or »Elstein« or »Dr. Krieger«.
  • Inside modern analog-electronic.
  • LED-temperature indication, function-indication by yellow LEDs.
  • Technical details QDR-2

large photo (47k)

Digital regulator R-1140 offer the following advantages:

Der digitale Temperaturregler mit vielen Funktionen. Arbeitsweise: Digitale Elektronik (Microprozessor).
  • Size
  • : 48x96mm DIN.
  • Moderne digital-Elektronik (Mikroprozessor), zuverlässig und langlebig. Genauigkeit: 0,25% vom Messbereichs-Endwert.
  • LED-Temperaturanzeige, Schaltanzeige durch gelbe Leuchtdioden (LED).
  • Steckbare Anschluss-Leisten für schnellen Austausch.
  • Ausführung für viele Thermoelemente, programmierbar: Pt100, NiCr-Ni (type K), Fe-CuNi (type L oder type J), Pt-RhPt
  • 2-Punkt oder 3-Punkt Regelung programmierbar.
  • Einfache Programmierung. Programmierung sperrbar.
  • Fühlerbruchsicherung eingebaut.
  • Selbstverständlich CE-konform und geprüft. EN50081 / EN50082.
  • Made in Germany. Prooven, 2 years warranty.
  • Front waterproof IP 54 possible (extra charge € 8,-)

* NEW:

  • As spare part for Frech diecasting machines available (replaces the controller Dold DMP 48 with data interface RS-485)
  • Data communication with the Frech control process temperature and set temperature with remote sensor).
  • Second setpoint temperature for night mode programmable (requires only one switching contact of the time relay).
  • Very easy setup / programming of the controller during installation.
  • out 1: Relay closing contact (working contact)
    out 4: Voltage bistable, 0 / 18 Volt, max. 10mA, short circuit dafe (for SSR Solid-State-Relay)
  • out 2: Relay closing contact (contact for special functions and alarm)
  • out 3: Relay closing contact (contact for special functions and alarm)

large photo (25k)

large photo (47k)

The digital regulators R-1000 / R-1040 / R-1100 / R-1140 / R-1300 offer the following advantages:

  • Simmilar connection way as with the well-known »S+B Schuntermann & Benninghoven« -regulators.
  • Size: 96x96mm or 48x96mm.
  • Inside modern digital-electronic (microprocessor), reliable, long lasting and exact.
  • LED-temperature indication, function-indication by yellow LEDs.
  • Adjustment securable.
  • Connection with plug for simply and fast exchanging.
  • One model for all thermocouples: Pt100, NiCr-Ni (type K), Fe-CuNi (type L or type J), Pt-RhPt and more.
  • 2 point regulating or 3 point regulating programmable.
  • Our replacement for temperature regulators »Hengstler Grado 911«: R-1040 with a lot of functions and easy handling.
  • Obviously CE-conform.
  • Absolutely proven, 2 years of warranty.
  • waterproof frontside IP 54 (only for R-1100, R-1140, R-1300) (surcharge € 8,-)

R-5310 Regler

Digital multifunctional 2-point / 3-point regulator R-5310

The temperature-regulator with very much functions in serial. Absolutely proven, langlebig, accurat. Working: Digital electronic (microprocessor).
  • Size 96 x 96 mm DIN.
  • Inside modern digital-electronic (microprocessor), reliable, long lasting and exact. Accuracy: 0,2 %.
  • LED-display for Soll- und Istwerte; function-indication by yellow LED.
  • Conncection with plug for simply and fast exchanging.
  • Verschiedene Regler-Ausführungen serienmässig.
  • Verschiedene Eingangsbereiche und Ausführungen serienmässig.
  • Obviously CE-conform.
  • Absolutely proven, 2 years of warranty.
  • Technical details R-5310

SGW Grenzwertgeber

Electronic safety switches / limit switches » SGI «, » SGT «, » SGU « oder » SGW «

The device for monitoring minimum / maximum temperatures or electr. voltages / electr. streams.
Reliable and durable for the monitoring of heating systems and cooling systems and controls.
  • Switches your system on (or off) reliably when a certain temperature is reached.
  • Different versions available.
Production discontinued. Remaining stock of some versions available from stock!

New replacement types: kompatible types S1000 and S3000

S 1000 Grenzwertueberwachung

Electronic safety switch / limit controller / temperature limit controller » S1000 «

Temperature safety switch as monitoring system for all kind of heating / melting / furnaces / cooling climate controls.
Proven, relaiable, long lasting. For monitoring / controlling of heating, cooling na dgeneral temperature controls.
  • Switches your machine on (or off) at a set temperature.
  • New: It can be used as 2-point temperature regulator.
  • Mounting on DIN-Rail (DIN EN 50022-35) or panel (srews).
  • Process - temperatur or set - temperature indication by 4 digit LED display, in °C or °F. Function indication by LED.
  • Ersatz für die S&B Typen SGT, SGW, SGV, SGU, Drews SGmC, Elrest Elocompact, ETW und Elacompact II, Temperatur limiter.
  • Two versions: Power supply 230V ac or 24V dc.
  • J, K, L, N, S (Fe-CuNi, Ni-CrNi, Pt-RhPt)
  • Pt 100 and Ni120.
  • 0...10 V DC / 0...20mA / 4...20mA.
Output: Relay, changeover contact, potential-free, with or without self-maintaining.

temperature night reduction

Electronic temperature reduction at night / in leisure times

This device gives 5mV extra to the temperature controller for to reduce the melting oven temperature at nights or in leisure times
Approved and reliable for energy saving and money saving in leisure times.
  • Switches a fixed tension to the temperature controller - the temperature will be about 100°C lower.
  • You can use the installed temperature regulator - no change needed! You need one free contact of your clock timer!
  • For easy installation on mounting rail EN 50022-35 or screw mounting.
  • Temperature compensated; Exactness: 1%.
  • Switching displayed by green LED.
  • 2 years warranty.
230 Volt ac.
24 Volt ac / dc (option).
Output: Tension:
For Fe-CuNi: Standard: 5mV for 100°C lowering or as you option.
For Ni-CrNi: (option).

NAS Temperatur-Nachtabsenkung

Thermocouple temperature sensor Fe-CuNi or Ni-CrNi for Düsenheating and nozzle heating at diecasting machines

Der Fühler for measuring the temperature at Gießbehälter-Hals or at the Giess-Düse or on the Tiegelrand (Tiegelschutz).
  • 3 meter compensating wiring with steel metal-mesh sheat.
  • Bend protection spring.
  • G 1/4" with SW 17.
  • Fe-CuNi (type J) or Ni-CrNi (type K).


Extension and compensating cable (compensation line) for thermocouple Fe-CuNi or Ni-CrNi specially for diecasting machines

  • Silicon rubber insulation (water proof), glass-fiber textile mantle, with zinc-coated steel metal-mesh sheat.
  • wiring diameter: single pair, 0,75mm2
  • Fe-CuNi (type J, identification color black) or Ni-CrNi (Typ K, identification color green). DIN IEC 584, EN 60584
  • Made in Germany
  • 1-pair of wires (typ J or typ K) or 2-pairs of wires (type K) available from our stock

marking / indicating colours of different thermocouples


In our stock: Quality timers / weekday timers of the German manufacturer Hugo Müller

  • High quality - Made in Germany
  • Easy, simple programming
  • large, clear display
  • Ideal for die casting machines and other industrial applications where reliability is important.
  • Available from our stock

Amperemeter klein
larger photo (29k)

Amperemeter 3-fach
larger photo (29k)

Amperemeter Ammeter for the Frech oven control cabinet

  • New ammeters for nozzle and pouring vessel heaters available.
  • Original replacement for defective built-in original devices.
  • 1-pole version available for different amperages: e.g. 10A or 15A
  • 3-pole version available for different amperages: e.g. 40A or 60A
  • European product and brand name.
  • Unit price: Please ask us about our favorable prices.

Minitakt SQER-1

tact-switch or percent-switch »Minitakt« SQER Digitemp offers the following advantages:

  • Replaces the well-known »S+B Schuntermann & Benninghoven - Zerotakt « tact-switches.
  • Replaces the well-known power controller » Siemens Statotherm, 7VH9 « 9001, 9002, 9003, 9005.

  • (a complete set with an adapter for size 96x96mm and a power supply 24Vdc is available)
  • Tact-generator, adjustable from 0 to 100% "on".
  • Microprocessor, no drift (no wear). Adjustable 0,1 per cent. Frequence: 1 Hz.
  • Output: a: relais closing max. 250 Volt 2A
    b: logic output 0/18 Volt dc bistable, prooven against short-circuit, max. 40mA.
  • Installation surface mounting, into control table, small size 48x48mm DIN.
  • For power supply 24 Volt ac/dc.
  • Inside modern electronic, high-quality, reliable, long lasting and exact.
  • Climatic class: KUF DIN 440040; 75 proz. humidity, no dew.
  • On-indication by yellow LED.
  • Obviously CE-conform.
  • Absolutely proven, 2 years of warranty.
  • Price per unit: € (Euro) 162,50 without sales taxes.
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